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The Micro/Nano Fabrication Group at the University of Minnesota focuses on using advanced fabrication processes to solve interesting problems in a wide variety of fields. Previous work includes the development of high permittivity gate insulators, a process now in widespread use by the integrated circuit industry. Current research interests include 2D material growth, neural sensing, tandem thin film photovoltaics, and nanoparticle films. Professor Campbell also directs the Minnesota Nano Center, heads the Midwest node for the National Nano Infrastructure Network, and is the author of a widely used text on fabrication technology. Click on the links at top to get more information on these topics.



Professor Stephen Campbell

Physics and Nano Building

Phone: 612-625-6608

Fax: 612-625-4583

Email: scampbell-at-umn-d0t-edu

Website: campbell.umn.edu


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